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Alpha Data New

Alpha Data New is a leader in Digital Marketing services with a passion to digitally transform our Clients Business. Our core agenda, to be ever-evolving, empower our clients businesses to improve direct sales and leads, there by scaling unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight. We deploy our advanced Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence technologies to help our clients reduce wasteful media spend and gain customers thereby improving revenue.

Our Services

Brand Design

Branding is a way of distinguishing yourself from Competitors and is an emotional connection with your consumers which eventually drives brand loyalty. We at Alpha Data New use our experience, ideas to design solutions which are affordable and provide long term solutions to connect with your consumers and enable business growth.

Content Writing

Content is the heart of a website and is one of the significant factors to determine traffic and lead generation. Good content writing is useful for Search Engine Optimization and generates high Click Through Rates, which determine your website rankings. Our team of experienced, enthusiastic and trained experts create great content which identifies with both our client as well as potential consumers.

Social Media Management

These days there is no denying that “Online is where the modern buying process begins”. Social Media provides a level playing field for all Businesses. Our professional team maximises your ROI in Social Media Advertising by targeting relevant audience and gives you laser-focussed control of data to support you make informed decisions.


Blog Set up

A Blog is one of the most powerful elements for building page rank on search engines. Consistent blogging act as a medium of communication between readers and Business holder and provide an opportunity to create relevant content to drive traffic on specific landing pages of the website.

Audience Analytics

Analytics quantify the impact of a marketing strategy which is invaluable to improving and optimising campaigns. SkDigi provides Audit Services that helps scan and check On Page, Off Page, Domain Authority, Social Engagement & Optimization, Keywords Optimization, Site Loading Time and all SEO services to build a user-friendly website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of the web page to users of a web search engine. SEO targets different kinds of search like industry-specific, news search and video search.


Website Development

A website acts as a gateway to your online presence and carries the first impression of your company to potential customers digitally. A good website is built for a target market and audience, is well organised and follows a structure. We at Alpha Data New create websites which are accessible, content rich, affordable and user friendly.

E Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing has the highest ROI out of any marketing method provided it is targeted to the correct segment is automated and personalized. Alpha Data New is one of the leading Digital Marketing Company which delivers the the apt content to target audience through email marketing using our specific tools custom built for subscription and conversion.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are extremely convenient, have custom made inbuilt features to directly communicate with customers, via promotions, in-App purchases, notifications and Ad’s which increase customer loyalty. An app helps you stand out in a crowd and is a great tool for customer engagement


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